Just woke up from my nap and just finished breakfast so shall blog hehehe ^^

Gonna welcome my dearest girl back tonight HEHEHE πŸ˜‰ like finally after 4 days WHOOPIE ^^ cant wait to see her tmr and give her a big bear huggggggg HAHAHAAH! But okay v hopefully nth will happen to her at the airport!!! Stupid gunmen, u all dare to come near my girl and i will fly over and rip ur hearts out man!!!! LAO TIAN YE PLS WATCH OVER MY CUTE GIRLLLLL AND ENSURE HER SAFE RETURN!!!(: hope bb wont get motion sickness on the plane too hahah πŸ™‚ omg cant wait to celebrate xmas right now HAHAAH shall prep for it today and buy my pants or the princess will get angry hahahah! BYE BLOG HAHAHAH TODAY IS A GOOD DAYYYY πŸ˜‰

Cant wait for xmas and 25th month HEHEHE omg hope bb will love the presents and cardssss πŸ˜‰ but right now i wanna talk to bbbbbb why she so long not back oneeee almost 12h nvr talk to her liao lehhhh why my cute girl not back to brighten my dayyyyyy 😦 COME BACKKKKKK BBBBBB I MISS U ALOT NOWWWWWWWWW 😭😭😭 u know i have this urge to fly over and see what u’re doing nowwwww why no talk to meeeeee 😦

Hehehe this looks sth like what happened on the plane ah???(: HAHAHA i was sorta the human bed for my sleepy princess HHAHAAH!
I am so bored now and someone is not back yetttt dk why the cremation is so longggg T.T BB FASTER COME BACKKKK I WANNA TALK TO U NOWNOWNOWWWWW! Hahaha suddenly thought of bb’s cute times just now HAHAHA like omg this girl is just the cutest being on the planet pls!!!(: hahah her every action and expression just is cute maxxxx though she may not know sometimes hehehe i am sucha lucky boy to have her ^^ cant wait for her to be back TMRRRR yes tmr hehehe and i can finally see her face to face whether to do work or celebrate xmas ^^ gonna take some really awesome pics whoopie πŸ˜‰

Yes xmas is coming real soonnnn hahha gonna have an awesome one with bb this year and its gonna be my first ever visit to a church!(: hahah but right now i just want my cute girl to faster come backkkk i miss seeing all her cute actions and hearing her speakkkk COME BACK TO THE HOTEL AND STOP GOING OUTTT PRINCESS HAHHHAHH i am so siannnn ahhhh okay maybe shall go do up the xmas card and stufffffffff πŸ™‚

Hi to my only reader, CHIOBU BB HEHEHE i am spending my sleep time to do this post ^^ hahah firstly, hope u gws abd sleep moreeee so ur headache will be goneee, hahah a kiss is waiting for u when u get back ^^ hahaha!
And this silly cute girl of mine actually said she dw talk to me so i will miss her and update! Hahah SILLY GIRLLLLL i do miss u alot one lah hahah not updating doesnt mean i dont miss uuu!!! So cute lah u hahah!!!(: to prove that i miss u: i stay up and not sleep till u get back so i can talk to u. I am gonna wake up at 5.30 despite my flu just to talk to u. I check wa throughout the day to see if there is a double tick to indicate that u are online and have gotten my message. Although i have flu and took some naps, the moment i woke up i immediately checked my phone cuz i was so afraid of missing ur online timing! Hahaha I JUST MISSED U FOR THE WHOLE DAYYYY BB GIRLLL JUST THAT I DIDNT SAY IT OUTTTT! Hahah u have no idea how much i daydream abt the xmas celebration we’re gonna have and a late night like now makes me just wanna have u by my side to huggggg ❀ COME BACK SOON LAH U HAHAHAH and stop thinking i dont miss u cuz how can i possibly not miss the most important and fav girl in my lifeeee?!?! Hahaha! Okay sleep time so can talk to u tmr morn heheeh #gonnadreamofu ❀

Shall go this place with bb someday hehe πŸ˜‰

Hahah sometimes when i miss bb alot i’ll get this feeling of just wanting to hug her to sleeppppp hahaha! Words cant describe how MUCHHHH i love this girl its like she has become an ESSENTIAL part of my life!!! Flaws or not, idc whether she’s bad tempered, i still love her loadsssss hehehe and i want her to come back from philippines right nowwwwww NOWNOWNOWWWWWW

Yes, this post shall be about today and ytd. Ytd was cv1 outing at mbs! Okay it was more like a dinz lah hahah! So me and bb went there first at gardens by the bay to take pics!!! Omg PRETTY MAX PLSSSS!!! Hahah swear im gonna go again with my dear girl to take many more pics hahah πŸ˜‰ then we went to kraze burger to eat! Okay lah so so ah the food hahah! Then after that was santa time! Like woah hahah real santa sia and the pics came out nice too but i think gardens pics nicer πŸ˜‰ and bb surprised me by saying she wanted me for xmas AWWWW haha i was just taking up the bags and she said it and i was like OMG MELTING HAHHAHA ❀ damn sweet lah πŸ˜‰ haha then after that we went out to see the fountain thingy sorta like macau one hahah and take pics! Hehe there on top is the awesomest pic hehe so romantic lah πŸ˜‰ i feel that after taiwan trip we've grown even closer ardy, like the feeling is just super awesome cuz i somehow feel more impt to bb hahah πŸ˜‰ just love my girl to bitsss bet nobody knows how i feel hahah ❀
Then today went over to bb thereto pass her food! Like omg supposedly is she come out one but rain then WOAH we like romeo and juliet sia secret meeting over a wall! Hahah and now my dear girl is abt to reach philippines! I miss her so much man arghhhh why must she go 😦 u know the feeling of wanting to talk to her but not being able to just suckssss 😦 hope she's gonna be safe over there and faster come back cuz i wanna have an awesome xmas with herrr and I JUST MISS HER ALOTTTTTTTTT 😦 ah shall do a post for taiwan trip also then 😦 BB COME BACK QUICKLYYYYYYY!!!!

Well, 2nd year marks the milestone of us getting even closer to public rs now hehe πŸ™‚ i think this second year has taught us alot, and we've certainly grown stronger as a couple! Just really hope wtv i said in my letter will be fine hahha πŸ™‚
Guilty for the lousy celebration and gifts, so here's my dedication.

You may not be easy to love, but loving you has been worth all the effort cuz of the immense joy you bring to me, always.
You and I may have differring views on "protecting" and "giving space", but we can always come to a consensus to resolve our conflicts.
You may throw tantrums, maybe sometimes over small matters, but that's what princesses do right?(;
You may not believe it, but you are the prettiest angel in my eyes.
You have the innocence of a child, the precious quality that brings out your cuteness and charms me.
You may require much effort to care for sometimes, but it's what I do willingly cuz you're my special girl.
I may be overprotective and oversensitive, but I promise to be "generous", "nice to you", "funny" and "sweet", while protecting you in my own way. I promise to give you happiness, to understand you, to walk with you through the days we have together, to give you all my love.
We may not be the best looking couple around, we may not be the richest, we may not have everything that others have, but we can always find happiness in the little things in life, and can always enjoy each other's company.
Life is never smooth-sailing, we have our differences, but that's what makes us who we are together.

Happy 2nd year baby girl, you may not believe so firmly as I do, but I believe that we can and will walk together for decades to come, we will continue bringing joy to each other. Here's to the third, fourth, fifth year; here's to the engaged-just married-having babies-growing old together. I love you more than you can imagine ❀

Sigh this feels so insanely shitty…. I really dk how to protect without restricting one lor…. But idw to let u do anything u want cuz sometimes u may not know but u are endangering urself mah… Hopefully we can always talk it out and modify wtv i think to make u feel better lor… This just sucks why am i like that why cant i just be a diff person? Why do i always make u feel suffocated when i just feel like protecting u……

Yea hehe this pic captures my thoughts perfectly πŸ˜‰ well this will be a damn short post. Today was gp paper! Man… Kinda insecure abt essay cuz my examples werent up to expectations, then im worried abt AQ too cuz it was difficult to understand! Guess im just waiting for that B to come haha >< tmr will be phy day and sunday will be math day! Jiayou jiajie just less than 20 days and ALL of ur time can be spent slacking or spent with bb WOOHOOOO πŸ˜‰ oh bb has a new name now and it is LAOPO HAHAHAH ❀ love it πŸ˜‰ well im just damn thankful for bb cuz she really just brightens my day with the quality time we spend tgt. Love it how much she can actually make me feel better, just by spending time with me walking arnd or what hehe dk why too but she just can cheer me up πŸ™‚ joybringer i guess hehe and she's my girllll woohoo πŸ˜‰ must treat this girl right forever and cherish her ah jiajie! HAHAHA love you dearrr ❀
Okay to end my post, here's some food for the hungry princess πŸ˜‰