Post for Saturday night😴

Hi darling princess hahah its saturday night ardy WOOHOOOO 😉 how have u been? done my mission for u ardy anot i will check one ah!!! Hahah by now, i’m prolly waiting for the night shoot! Gonna be a little bored but wont be tired cuz i will nap 🙂 and dream of u HAHAHA! Dont worry bout me k i am happy cuz tmr can see u liao woohoo 😉 finished ur work ardy mah?(: seeing me tmr liao so be happy k smile more HAHAH! U shd go sleep first later okay cuz i think i’ll be back in camp at like 1am then still need clean rifle sigh. Sleep first k beauty sleep for the princess is essential 😉 hahaha seeing u tmr after 7 days sia omg super super super miss u like siao lah i cannot tank!!! Hahah after today, i will be left with just 3 days of training and its just waiting to ord liao leh hahah excited anotttt 😉 so smile k dont miss me hahah! Now…. Ur last mission of saturday is to…. go do a mask and sleep early so u can be a pretty princess when u meet me tmr HAHAHA! Gogogo action now!!!! Hahah

Leaving u with a goodnight text: GOODNIGHT PRINCESS SHUI, im seeing u tmr liao so sleep well and smile in ur dreams okay hahah! Listen to my recordings for our song and just the way u are ah hahaha! And rmb, I LOVEYOUUU MUACKSMUACKSMUACKSSSS HEHE❤️❤️


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