Post for Saturday afternoon 😁

Hi princess, when u’re reading this, it is ardy afternoon on saturday!!!(: heh cant talk to u today cuz whole day at the firing range, but its okay right hahah cuz tmr im seeing u ardy 😉 dont miss me too much ah though i think i will miss u more HAHAH! Im prolly halfway thru my shoot, and about to have lunch! Hahaha the shoot prolly is quite slack cuz alot ppl shooting so i prolly just shoot finish and waiting for my next turn! Hahah wont be v tired i guess cuz i’ll nap so sunday i can be more energized to meet u 😉 how are u? Continue studying and doing ur work when u think of me okay hahah so sunday mon and tue we can spend more time tgt 😉 i shall give u a mission for now hahah! Go compile a list of things which u wanna do during ur end of sem break!(: list it all down, and show it to me and i’ll see how we can fulfil that list k hahah! Thats ur bucket list for dec and jan 😉 gogogo mission startttt😘

Leaving u with a sweet quote: “长大之后才知道,砸水球比赛第一个所砸的人, 不是因为你讨厌他,而是因为你眼里只有他。” well, i didnt exactly throw a water bomb at u first, but i disturbed u first all the time HAHAH! Thats cuz u were the one whom i wanted to capture the attention of heh. I love you❤️


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