Update for the very dead blog☺️

so its been monthssssss since i last updated this dead blog HAHHA! The shui asked me to update ytd so here i am! Hahah shall just blog abt march 🙂  

Had our restaurant week date! It was at one altitude cuz i saw the menu and the fish caught my attention. HAHAHA!  It was a super rainy day so dad fetched me there, and i arrived damn early! So i went over to city hall to buy this bouquet of flowers😂 45 bucks but hey worth it cuz the princess could finally bring it home! Hahah so we met and queued to go up! Like omg damn nice experience lah the whole fine dining thingy hahah and of course the princess looked stunning as usual 🙂 but one thing abt fine dining is the etiquette involved which is rather limiting so i dont quite like that! But apart from that, the views and whole romantic ambience is just the best for any date! Hahah add on the chardonnay which made my face and eyes turn red HAHHA! Didnt get the opportunity to take a stroll though but its okay! Hahah looking forward to making it my dream date by being able go drive the princess to and fro, and having a home to return to w her☺️ future goals!


Do re mi fa soh! Hahah okay not exactly in the order but wtv HAHAH. Went for syco and sco concert too! Well, it started w a dinner w princess and xiangri(my new best friend) HAHAAH! Got new best friend liao so in future my surprises gonna work well HAHAHAA! Concert was soso, w the comical pipa soloist and her hand actions HAHAHAH! But okay night well spent cuz i got to know one of princess’s sisters better😂

Other than that, i finally had the chance to step into her house with the capacity of her bf☺️ okay gonna do so again today HAHAHA! Quite elated to have gained this recognition hahah and this is certainly gonna take us to a new level in our rs! All the best to us!

Well, the end to this very short update! Looking forward to the dinner later☺️


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