Shall do up my post now its getting late!!!(: hahah first i shall recount the notable events of 2013, then set my own resolutions πŸ™‚ lastly shall be the outlook for 2014 and some reminders to self hahah!
2013 has been rather rushed, but awesome memories were created nonetheless(: though there were some bad times of course, it was, on the whole, a year to rmb πŸ™‚
Jan started with open house and full blown lessons in j2, but it was REALLY exciting cuz bb was finally in the same sch as me again after a year!(:
Feb was the month of love! Vday this year wasnt any surprise cuz i told bb abt the whole plan and stuff, didnt know whether she wanted a surprise but i guess now i know she wants surprises more ah HAHAH or someone will forget what happened again! Hahah so i handmade a sunflower and got bb a gold heart necklace! She made a v nice card and gave me some handbaked cookies too hahah! rather good month cuz it was the start of bb being in ny πŸ™‚
March-april was syf prep period, and suf came shortly after. Loved the times in co where i could see bb so often, reallyyyyy felt good πŸ™‚ after that was step down and prep for As hahah.
May was nth much i can rmb i guess hahaha!
June was hols and me and bb had to study for exams!!! Though it was rather stressful it was still good hahaha cuz we managed to pull thru ouf exams tgt πŸ™‚
July was my bday! Bb gave me a damn big and nice card with all our photos on it!!! Omg and she made cv1 surprise me at astons hahaha that was awesome!(: would have preferred spending it with bb alone though HAHAHHA.
August wasnt anything noteworthy i guess!
Sept was like mugging month ardy hahaha we stayed back for NSP and i helped bb with her work and stuff! Quarrels and dao-ing happened ah HAHAHA but ohwell i’ve gotten used to this can accept bb for this as long as she doesnt dao me ardy HAHAHA!
Oct was bb’s bday!!! Gosh it was a super surprise man having to get 2 cliques and zy tgt to celebrate! Hope bb liked it though it wasnt THATTT grand but her dear angpao here had to carry balloons all over town and have ppl staring hahah! Xb lost his first kiss also hahah!
Nov was A levels, okay nth much to say abt A levels cuz it wasnt much lah hahah just normal normal exam!!! And there was 2nd year! Bb gave me havis which i will wear for super long, and a nice card!!!(: plus a photo frame too but gosh too ashamed to say what i got for her HAHAHA.
Dec was prom and taiwan trip! Mygosh prom was hot man hate blazers but okay first and last experience jahah! Taiwan trip was THE BOOMZ. Loved all the pics taken with bb, all the quality time spent, all the bus rides, EVERYTHING. If i had to choose, i would wanna go back again hahha! Taiwan trip really made me feel so much closer to bb idk why, but i just felt like the bond between us grew so much stronger! Simply love the trip so much and the memories are gonna stay in my mind forever πŸ™‚ also had mbs outing with clique, hahah the scenery was awesome and we took a kiss photo ah winkwink ^^ also had xmas tgt at snow city! Enjoyed spending the hundreds on bb HAHAHA cuz i just love how happy she was when she got the camera!!!(: just love her so much words cant describe how i feel ❀️ hahah then these few days bb’s mum sorta knows abt us ardy so ohwell hahaha!
To sum up, 2013 has been an awesome year with 1231 and A levels were really stressful but i survived! Lots of time spent with bb, we went thru many quarrels, good times, bad times, everything! Just felt good to have spent so much time tgt cuz i know what we’ve built up this year will for sure help to maintain the rs we have tgt, though there have been bad times, i know that we can let the bad times go and just move on as a couple πŸ™‚
Lotsa thanks for my darling girl for being there and not leaving me when the times got bad! I know im overprotective and insecure, but u know i will ALWAYS treat u like my little princess and my life always has a part for u! There is simply too much i can say abt us, what we have, and what we will have in the future, but i choose to just express what is in my mind by saying that i will give u love and happiness as much as i can, and u know how deeply i love u and how impossible it is to destroy the feelings i have for u! Thank u for 2013 and I LOVE YOU DARLINGGGG 😘

So onwards to the next section of my post. Resolutions.
For 2014, i resolve firstly to dedicate as much time as i can to bb in helping her with her work and in loving her, so our rs can still be as strong as ever. Ns shall not bring us down!!!
Secondly, i resolve to still be funny, sweet, nice, generous and protective to my dearest girl. Will do all i can to prove to her that i am the right choice and not let her down πŸ™‚
Thirdly, i resolve to manage my finances better! Shall start to save up some of my money from NS for the taiwan trip with bb! Will also devote a portion of it to bb so she can have a small source of income and have some money to spend on herself πŸ™‚
Lastly, i resolve to become more aware of my own flaws and to try to tolerate bb whenever conflicts may arise! I will give in as much as i can to ensure that we do not fight esp when stress levels get too high for bb.

Last section of my post. 2014 will be a hectic year for bb, with all the academic commitments. I will have less time for her due to NS, but i must ensure i give her as much time as possible so she has someone to turn to when she needs someone, and can stay safe with my protection. This year will be a year of uncertainties, but we will pull thru. Bb can just focus more on studies and i will do the rest, no need to worry abt me!(:

This post certainly does not fully express all my thoughts for 2013, cuz there are just too many things to recount and be thankful for that i dont know where to start! Hahah all i can say is this year, i have become even more aware that my priorities in life will have to be to ensure bb feels loved and happy, and also to work hard to ensure i can support bb in future. Family aside, bb can become the most impt person in my life ardy cuz she certainly makes me feel at ease and i feel so comfortable being with her! Though we have our differences, we can create the perfect ending tgt as long as we believe πŸ™‚

Love you dear hope 2014 will be smooth sailing for us ❀️


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