Awww this is so sweet ❤️
So my dearest princess is overseas againnnn and im starting to miss her ardy 😭 gosh i realised now i feel lovesick quite often like i really cant live without bb cuz she’s just so much a part of my life and talking to her is my daily routine and addiction ardy!!!!! COME BACK SOONNN BB!!!! Tmr shall be our 25th month where i will cook my signature pasta for bb with loveeee ❤️ hahah and gonna give bb her markers which she spoiled the surprise HAHAHA! But oh well as long as she’s happy, im happy too!😊 recently the days have all been so good and love-filled i just want time to stop and lemme enjoy every single moment with bb!!! Gosh just love this girl so much i bet nobody can love her more than i do HAAHAHA #lovesickneedmedicinenow #bbnothereialsobth


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