Just woke up from my nap and just finished breakfast so shall blog hehehe ^^

Gonna welcome my dearest girl back tonight HEHEHE 😉 like finally after 4 days WHOOPIE ^^ cant wait to see her tmr and give her a big bear huggggggg HAHAHAAH! But okay v hopefully nth will happen to her at the airport!!! Stupid gunmen, u all dare to come near my girl and i will fly over and rip ur hearts out man!!!! LAO TIAN YE PLS WATCH OVER MY CUTE GIRLLLLL AND ENSURE HER SAFE RETURN!!!(: hope bb wont get motion sickness on the plane too hahah 🙂 omg cant wait to celebrate xmas right now HAHAAH shall prep for it today and buy my pants or the princess will get angry hahahah! BYE BLOG HAHAHAH TODAY IS A GOOD DAYYYY 😉


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