Hehehe this looks sth like what happened on the plane ah???(: HAHAHA i was sorta the human bed for my sleepy princess HHAHAAH!
I am so bored now and someone is not back yetttt dk why the cremation is so longggg T.T BB FASTER COME BACKKKK I WANNA TALK TO U NOWNOWNOWWWWW! Hahaha suddenly thought of bb’s cute times just now HAHAHA like omg this girl is just the cutest being on the planet pls!!!(: hahah her every action and expression just is cute maxxxx though she may not know sometimes hehehe i am sucha lucky boy to have her ^^ cant wait for her to be back TMRRRR yes tmr hehehe and i can finally see her face to face whether to do work or celebrate xmas ^^ gonna take some really awesome pics whoopie 😉

Yes xmas is coming real soonnnn hahha gonna have an awesome one with bb this year and its gonna be my first ever visit to a church!(: hahah but right now i just want my cute girl to faster come backkkk i miss seeing all her cute actions and hearing her speakkkk COME BACK TO THE HOTEL AND STOP GOING OUTTT PRINCESS HAHHHAHH i am so siannnn ahhhh okay maybe shall go do up the xmas card and stufffffffff 🙂


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