Hi to my only reader, CHIOBU BB HEHEHE i am spending my sleep time to do this post ^^ hahah firstly, hope u gws abd sleep moreeee so ur headache will be goneee, hahah a kiss is waiting for u when u get back ^^ hahaha!
And this silly cute girl of mine actually said she dw talk to me so i will miss her and update! Hahah SILLY GIRLLLLL i do miss u alot one lah hahah not updating doesnt mean i dont miss uuu!!! So cute lah u hahah!!!(: to prove that i miss u: i stay up and not sleep till u get back so i can talk to u. I am gonna wake up at 5.30 despite my flu just to talk to u. I check wa throughout the day to see if there is a double tick to indicate that u are online and have gotten my message. Although i have flu and took some naps, the moment i woke up i immediately checked my phone cuz i was so afraid of missing ur online timing! Hahaha I JUST MISSED U FOR THE WHOLE DAYYYY BB GIRLLL JUST THAT I DIDNT SAY IT OUTTTT! Hahah u have no idea how much i daydream abt the xmas celebration we’re gonna have and a late night like now makes me just wanna have u by my side to huggggg ❤ COME BACK SOON LAH U HAHAHAH and stop thinking i dont miss u cuz how can i possibly not miss the most important and fav girl in my lifeeee?!?! Hahaha! Okay sleep time so can talk to u tmr morn heheeh #gonnadreamofu ❤


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