Well, 2nd year marks the milestone of us getting even closer to public rs now hehe 🙂 i think this second year has taught us alot, and we've certainly grown stronger as a couple! Just really hope wtv i said in my letter will be fine hahha 🙂
Guilty for the lousy celebration and gifts, so here's my dedication.

You may not be easy to love, but loving you has been worth all the effort cuz of the immense joy you bring to me, always.
You and I may have differring views on "protecting" and "giving space", but we can always come to a consensus to resolve our conflicts.
You may throw tantrums, maybe sometimes over small matters, but that's what princesses do right?(;
You may not believe it, but you are the prettiest angel in my eyes.
You have the innocence of a child, the precious quality that brings out your cuteness and charms me.
You may require much effort to care for sometimes, but it's what I do willingly cuz you're my special girl.
I may be overprotective and oversensitive, but I promise to be "generous", "nice to you", "funny" and "sweet", while protecting you in my own way. I promise to give you happiness, to understand you, to walk with you through the days we have together, to give you all my love.
We may not be the best looking couple around, we may not be the richest, we may not have everything that others have, but we can always find happiness in the little things in life, and can always enjoy each other's company.
Life is never smooth-sailing, we have our differences, but that's what makes us who we are together.

Happy 2nd year baby girl, you may not believe so firmly as I do, but I believe that we can and will walk together for decades to come, we will continue bringing joy to each other. Here's to the third, fourth, fifth year; here's to the engaged-just married-having babies-growing old together. I love you more than you can imagine ❤


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