I hate my growing beard omggg dont like the prickly feeling i get when i rub my fingers across my chin arghhh can i just be a girl and grow no beard!!!

Hahaha anw this pic reminds me of bb HAHAHA princess leh!(:

Yep, all i’ll need for the remaining days will be love. Gosh. Seriously hate the before-major-exam period man. Cuz its just so sian like i ardy think i finished revising but i just cant relax and be complacent so must continue revising ahhhh hahaha! Help me haha i want a levels to end like nowwww! Okay most scared for gp and lit, ironically because im supposed to be good at these two subs. Shit manz hahah just aftaid of getting all the blocks in my mind when i write >< hahah okay shall not think so much! I just hope to do okay for a levels, not aiming for straight As lah hahah but just wanna not disappoint! So okay for the remaining days it shall be mugmugmuggg!(: jiayou jiajie you can do thissss hahah! Guess thats all the ranting i have for today haha!

Yeap freedom is in sight ardy hahahah CHIONG AHHHH!!!!! Okay sleeptime hehe. I love sleep, second most fav thing after bb, third thing is food HAHAHAH!

Thinking of bb right now and in fact every moment when im not studying HAHAHA why am i still so lovesick all the time HAHAHA sound like a crazy person but who cares hahaha thats how much i love my girl ❤ NIGHTS!!!!


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