Monthly Archives: October 2013

I hate my growing beard omggg dont like the prickly feeling i get when i rub my fingers across my chin arghhh can i just be a girl and grow no beard!!!

Hahaha anw this pic reminds me of bb HAHAHA princess leh!(:

Yep, all i’ll need for the remaining days will be love. Gosh. Seriously hate the before-major-exam period man. Cuz its just so sian like i ardy think i finished revising but i just cant relax and be complacent so must continue revising ahhhh hahaha! Help me haha i want a levels to end like nowwww! Okay most scared for gp and lit, ironically because im supposed to be good at these two subs. Shit manz hahah just aftaid of getting all the blocks in my mind when i write >< hahah okay shall not think so much! I just hope to do okay for a levels, not aiming for straight As lah hahah but just wanna not disappoint! So okay for the remaining days it shall be mugmugmuggg!(: jiayou jiajie you can do thissss hahah! Guess thats all the ranting i have for today haha!

Yeap freedom is in sight ardy hahahah CHIONG AHHHH!!!!! Okay sleeptime hehe. I love sleep, second most fav thing after bb, third thing is food HAHAHAH!

Thinking of bb right now and in fact every moment when im not studying HAHAHA why am i still so lovesick all the time HAHAHA sound like a crazy person but who cares hahaha thats how much i love my girl ❀ NIGHTS!!!!

Haahaha so true!!! But well, i’ll willingly provide for my princess’s shopping expenses to dress her up pretty if i can πŸ˜‰


Well, damn long since i updated this dead blog HAHAHA. But okay opening with this pic!(; its quite true that my life would suck without you hahah! Yes you bb! Cuz recently since i have alot of time, i’ve been thinking how much i’ve changed cuz of this rs! Ohwell, can only say there have been good and bad changes! But nevertheless, im still blessed to have it all cuz my life would be so boring and aimless if not for you! Cuz u sorta balance me out hahah instead of studying i actually take time to do stuff for u or just think abt u hahah so im v glad for u πŸ™‚ but its noticeable that we’ve come from the fresh-in-love phase till now right! Cuz we know each other so well and so thoroughly ardy hahaha! But okay im still so glad we’re still going strong cuz we’ve not given up yet right πŸ™‚ thank god for you πŸ™‚ im still very sure that i love you with all my heart despite the super long time we’ve been tgt (yup feelings havent faded but are actually growing STILL), though i do things to hurt you (really sorry abt that) and i just hope to make it up to you by taking care of u and bringing you joy (if i can) for the rest of ur life! Hopefully u feel the same too hahah.

So grad day was a few weeks back! Time flies man. So fast grad from ny ardy hahah! 2 years really feels v short! Guess i’ll be missing the lessons with 1231 or specifically, the clique there hahah!(: though im not really THATTTTT close to the clique, they’ve undeniably given me much joy for the 2 years so thanks ppl i’ll miss y’all for sure!!! just feels so misplaced now that i’ve graduated! Hahaa but okay just hoping for A levels to end real soonnnn! Have been super stressed out recently over the big As. Feels like im prepped but i just am afraid of surprises! And i just feel that through the course of this year, i’ve changed so much! The tiring days and stress totals up to a VERY moody me, and often, i take it out on the ppl around me (bb, my family). Really sorry for that and i really hope the As will end real soon so i can start making up for all of that! Guess most of our conflicts have been caused by my moodiness sigh. But anw, im just afraid to score badly for As for one reason or another. Partly because im afraid of not getting into a good uni course, and im also afraid of disappointing bb i guess, since i dont have that much of expectations for myself! Sometimes this just drives me mad, and i even get dreams abt the As sigh. 30+ days more only!!!!!!

And there’s still NS after that! Pretty much worried, not for the life there but just for bb! Just so worried i cant continue protecting her, and her innocence just makes her vulnerable to really flirtish or dangerous guys who may just try to work their way to doing her harm physically and emotionally sigh! Another thing is that im worried that i wont be able to give her emotional support for times when the stress gets to her!!!! Will do my best of course, to pull as much time as possible for her but ohwell i think im just worried again and again for the same thing!!!

Oh and bb’s bday was just recently!(: collaborated with melons, cv1 and zy for her bday! Hope the surprise was real good, cuz next year i’ll not be able to do sucha great one cuz im stuck in ns!!! 😦 well, just wanna see my girl grow older and just be with her all the way till white hair grows on her head and her teeth drops off!!!!!

Pretty much yearn for the times when we can just sit there or enjoy ourselves without having to worry abt anything in the world!!!! Wanna just nua for the whole day with bb or just read a book or go on a movie marathon! Hahh okay fat hope, A levels are still the closest!!!!

Yep this pic looks like a great place to just nua and spend a cozy day with bb!!! Ohwell #backtostudying for tmr onwards!!! 😦