Another post again today for my girl!!!!;) hahaha today was a slack day! Went to sch only for lit and gp and assembly hahaha! Hmm quite guilty i had to make bb wait half an hour for me cuz i ended half an hour after her 😦 and i really didnt know that bb had started to dislike her class ppl!!!! Will of course do all i can to pei her whenever i can, but just feeling sad and guilty if im not able to!!! :/ being a loner sucks so yea just dw bb to be so lonely!!! Hmm hope i’ll still have time next year to pei bb text bah!!!(; cuz yea no matter how jialat her class ppl are, all i want bb to know is im always here for her!!!(; then passed bb her bag of sweets omg she is ADDICTEDDDD HAHAH! Bb passed me the dog food which errrrr just looks like dog food hahha! Didnt quite like it but okay since bb gave me so i ate hahah! After that went for assembly! Omg amy pro lah 4th for gp and honour roll somemore! Hahaha after that went to meet bb! Oh did i mention im abit disappointed cuz gp didnt get 90 percentile but ohwell!!! Hahh waited for bb to finish up her pw, then went into inside of library to do MOD! Hahah too easy!!! After that bb went for chem and i just took my mega nap! Realised im so tired recently that i keep napping!!!:/ hhaha then we went to fish and co to makan! Omg bloated maxxx but i would give the fish 7/10 bah hahah eaten nicer fish before! But okay overall good recommendation by my dear girl πŸ˜‰ hahah then after that we went to look at pet shop awhile and back to sch! Sent bb over to co room and omg i miss playing with an orchestra i swear ;( pretty much wanna go back for a dazu but bb doesnt allow so okay lorrrr. Hahaha went up to classroom to do work and waited for bb! Then went home with bb and serene! Woohoo bb eom got lae not ng anymore heh πŸ˜‰ so ya bb seemed quite out of sorts and bothered by her class ppl, so i guess all i can do is to really be there for her! Im gonna become her ears and ranting outlet so she can rant or scold or wtv anytime she wants to make her feel better!!!!(; just wanna make sure bb doesnt explode thats all hahah so if theres anything i can do for her, i’ll be doing it for sure πŸ™‚ U’RE NOT ALONE OKAY DARLINGGGG U HAVE ME ALWAYS I PROMISE ❀ hahah so tmr is a damn early timing for national day celebration omg sian maxxx! But going off to cycle after that whoopieeee gonna be fun!!!!(; just hope it wont be awkkkk hahah hopefully everything will be fine tmr!!! K thats all im quite tired hahaha sleep time soonnnnn just waiting for my princess to be done πŸ˜‰


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