Late night post!!! Promised baby girl that i will try to post daily so she can have sth to read haha 🙂
Today has been a rather boring day! Like since i woke up its been work work work non stop! Joyful thing was being able to help bb for eom, though i guess it wasnt a good one but ohwell shall do better for her next draft! Spent so much time doing my work i can say its really pushing me to my limits cuz i’ve never been so busy with my own studies before! Tmr’s gonna be tiring too, this cycle of workworkwork daily just sucks! Hahha but ohwell what can i do…
A levels better end soonnnn so i can really spend more time on bb againnn! Really have this feeling that my time for bb is limited now and everything’s just in a rush sigh 😦 soooo hate this feeling i wanna have all the time in the world to just think abt things i can do for bb and stuff like that!!!! Really hope i can still have time to entertain bb and have fun with her during this busy period!!! :/ hopefully i wont be spending too little time with her.
Alright, dk what to think too hahahaha all i know is i want time to be on my side and have lots of time for bb!!!
Hahaha when im alone and have time to think i guess i just think so much abt my life. Rather scary future cuz i dont know what’s gonna be changing next year when im in ns! Quite afraid that i wont have time for bb cuz i know she’ll need all the support i can give!!! Hmmm really gonna contemplate if i have the choice of becoming an officer or not. Afterall, what is honour compared to bb???
Been thinking abt what i have now too. May not be the richest, smartest or most good looking guy on earth, but i certainly have all i would want in bb!!! Hahah i honestly dk why i can still feel so strongly and want bb so much even after we’ve been tgt for so long, i still wont get the feeling of being sick of her or what, and i still get the constant urge to make sure i am doing all i can for her. Hmmm. Perhaps this is what love does, makes me place this girl above everything else and constantly think abt her. Fast forward 10 years, i’ll still picture myself remaining so obsessed with her!!! Hahaha im a fool in love i know.
Guess what i’ve to do for these few months would be to make sure phy and lit stuff are stable, and also make sure i have time for bb too! Busy days ahead, like never before and im so scared i wont handle things well… Hmm but ohwell can just do what i can as days come and go, still hope i’ll be able to provide as much love as bb needs!!!! Its like damn i just wanna have leisurely days with bb again like how it was during the long break after Os! Haha time to sleep now i guess, tiring day ahead again for tmr!!! Goodnight world, all i wish on this late night is to be able to hold on to bb, cuz this is really all that matters to me!


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