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My masterpiece ❀ LOVE YOUUUU BABY GIRL ❀

Was too tired to bloggie but today im back hahaha πŸ˜‰ yea pretty much what i wanna say today heh only bb gives me the feeling ❀ hahaha πŸ˜‰
So met bb in sch today morn to muggg πŸ™‚ started with aq haha omg hope bb will do well lah at least passssss πŸ˜‰ hahaha then went out to buy macs for her πŸ™‚ hahah okay lah at least satisfied one of her cravings, pastamania shall wait another day πŸ˜‰ hahaha then after lunch was our hth talk! Hmmm quite disapprove how chow treats dajie cuz eeyer its just so selfish like he's not even putting in effort after he's gotten her! So i shall not treat bb like that hahah shall continue giving my 101% always πŸ˜‰ hahah! Chow's a fool if he doesnt realise who's impt and who's not, and thats a reminder to me i guess to always keep in mind that bb's the most impt girl in my life ❀ And then i was feeling a lil dilemma over the jerome thingy! Its like i know i have to protect bb, or she wont be able to do that cuz shes just too innocent! So yea decided i shd treat bb even better and bring my love for her to new levels to make up for limiting her! So yea dear im gonna just keep giving u more and more πŸ˜‰ hahah! And i realised bb doesnt know how high standard she is!!!! Hahah shes really the girl who captivated me with her innocence and cuteness, and will ALWAYS captivate me like no other girl can < stupid girlllll always expose my surpriseee i am so determined not to get exposed this time cuz its seriously the biggest one i've planned in my life hahah I WANT IT TO SUCCEED I WANNA MAKE BB CRY TEARS OF JOY SO PLS DO NOT EXPOSE ITTT!!! Hahah so yea thats my day! Now girlgirl is at xiandelai hahah eeyer chi restaurant! Jahah tmr shall be phy day for me!!! Jiayouuu jiajie πŸ˜‰ hahah after today i guess i can say and assure myself again that bb's really the perfect one for me hahah cuz shes really just so innocent and cuteee makes me feel so much like protecting herrrr ❀ hahah LOVE YOUUU BB I WONT EVER GIVE U UP CUZ U ARE MY PERFECT GIRLLLL HAHHAHAHA I SOUND LIKE A BOY IN LOVE HAHHAHA!!!


Yes YOU’re my happy place πŸ˜‰ haha so today we had ndp celebration! Thought it would be boring like last year’s but surprisingly it was rather fun!!! Quite liked how high everyone was but wah tiring sia hahah! Kudos to the org comm this year for the awesome job done πŸ™‚ then it was chem test time hahah omg ahtiew’s stomach kept growling DAMN NOISY PLS!!! Then it was time to meet bb πŸ˜‰ hahah and pangsai also then we went to strictly pancakes πŸ˜‰ chicken in the pancakes was quite nice but urgh shd have tried the choc one hahah >< but anw happy belated bday to pangsai too!(: hahaha after that was cyclinggg woohoo hahah OMG swear those melons just cycle like mad women! Cycle so far hahah! Then me and bb were like resting there and taking photos then talking abt taiwan trip πŸ˜‰ omg super looking forward to it cuz its our first trip overseas tgt heh so looking forward to spending quality time with bb there πŸ˜‰ and A levels end 27th nov hehe AWESOME πŸ˜‰ hahha quite a good day spent with melons πŸ™‚ hahha then after that i felt uncomfortable cuz lihao was gonna go to bb's house! Its like i trust bb, i know nth will happen but theres just this uncomfortable feeling u knowww! Dk how to describe it but yea!!!:/ sorry for causing the trouble! Was quite touched and happy that bb actually still brought me over, so im okay again πŸ™‚ sometimes i guess i get jealous too easily, insecure too often, and get too protective all cuz i know bb is all i have and yea its natural to wanna protect and cherish a person with all my might if shes that impt right! So yea but sigh still a lil guilty! So yea thats pretty much my day!(: just cant wait for next year end when maybe bb can expose our rs so we can really no needa be so secretive!(: till then, i'll still love her with all i can, willingly πŸ™‚ tmr's gonna be gp day and maybe eom with bb! Shall do my best to help bb with AQ, really hope to help her do well for promos gp πŸ™‚ though im disappointed with my 89.6 percentile cuz i know i couldve done better, i'll make sure bb doesnt kill herself for AQ like me!!! :/ alright, shall do chem for now!(:

Another post again today for my girl!!!!;) hahaha today was a slack day! Went to sch only for lit and gp and assembly hahaha! Hmm quite guilty i had to make bb wait half an hour for me cuz i ended half an hour after her 😦 and i really didnt know that bb had started to dislike her class ppl!!!! Will of course do all i can to pei her whenever i can, but just feeling sad and guilty if im not able to!!! :/ being a loner sucks so yea just dw bb to be so lonely!!! Hmm hope i’ll still have time next year to pei bb text bah!!!(; cuz yea no matter how jialat her class ppl are, all i want bb to know is im always here for her!!!(; then passed bb her bag of sweets omg she is ADDICTEDDDD HAHAH! Bb passed me the dog food which errrrr just looks like dog food hahha! Didnt quite like it but okay since bb gave me so i ate hahah! After that went for assembly! Omg amy pro lah 4th for gp and honour roll somemore! Hahaha after that went to meet bb! Oh did i mention im abit disappointed cuz gp didnt get 90 percentile but ohwell!!! Hahh waited for bb to finish up her pw, then went into inside of library to do MOD! Hahah too easy!!! After that bb went for chem and i just took my mega nap! Realised im so tired recently that i keep napping!!!:/ hhaha then we went to fish and co to makan! Omg bloated maxxx but i would give the fish 7/10 bah hahah eaten nicer fish before! But okay overall good recommendation by my dear girl πŸ˜‰ hahah then after that we went to look at pet shop awhile and back to sch! Sent bb over to co room and omg i miss playing with an orchestra i swear ;( pretty much wanna go back for a dazu but bb doesnt allow so okay lorrrr. Hahaha went up to classroom to do work and waited for bb! Then went home with bb and serene! Woohoo bb eom got lae not ng anymore heh πŸ˜‰ so ya bb seemed quite out of sorts and bothered by her class ppl, so i guess all i can do is to really be there for her! Im gonna become her ears and ranting outlet so she can rant or scold or wtv anytime she wants to make her feel better!!!!(; just wanna make sure bb doesnt explode thats all hahah so if theres anything i can do for her, i’ll be doing it for sure πŸ™‚ U’RE NOT ALONE OKAY DARLINGGGG U HAVE ME ALWAYS I PROMISE ❀ hahah so tmr is a damn early timing for national day celebration omg sian maxxx! But going off to cycle after that whoopieeee gonna be fun!!!!(; just hope it wont be awkkkk hahah hopefully everything will be fine tmr!!! K thats all im quite tired hahaha sleep time soonnnnn just waiting for my princess to be done πŸ˜‰

Awwwww sucha sweet pic heheh i know me and bb will be like that in future πŸ˜‰ HEHEH πŸ˜‰
Doing up a post now while waiting to call bb!;) hahah so today morn i thought i would be late but it rained so i ended up being able to find bb and see my chiobu in the morn woohoo πŸ˜‰ heh then it was like lectures back to back to backkkk! Oh then there was an hour break before gp! Omg damn paiseh pls i went toilet and ended up walking into the wrong classroom!! AND BWONG WAS IN IT HAHAHHA! The moment was like *awkward silence and stare* then i faster walked out omg can bury my head in the sand liao lah hahaha!!! Freak haahh then after that was boring lessons again!!! So sorryyy that i couldnt go pei bb earlier sigh ;( but okay hahah went to find her just before phy 4.30 lesson to buy hotdog for her πŸ˜‰ hahah i need more time for my girllllll!!! Hahah then throughout phy lesson i wanted to rush off HAHAA dk why too just so excited to see my girl!!! Haha went to find bb at like 5.30 and she did so much work omg clapsss proud of my girl πŸ˜‰ heh productive day today ah πŸ˜‰ hehhe so we went to nex to eat wanton mee omg hot place haha but alright dont mind eating there since bb likes it! Haha then bought bbtea to reward her!!!(: haha and went to paper stone too omg so many gay pens for me nowww hahha but hope bb likes her penssss πŸ˜‰ cute pens for my cute girl yea?;) hahah then we went off to bb tuition! Hahahah fun day i can say, really enjoyed myself esp the time spent with bb at nex πŸ˜‰ love these sweet couple moments ❀ hahah so after sending bb to tuition i went to pp to buy her sweets haha omggg took so long to choose the purple and red gummy bearsssssss!!!!!! Haha then now im home!!! Shall have to do up lit essay later haha and hopefully my girl is gonna end tuition soon so i can call her and just talk crap!!!(; hahah

Heh so cute right i know HEHEH πŸ™‚ just wanna spend all my days with this cute girlllll yea thats all that i would ever wish for <3333 πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOUUUU BB FOR BRIGHTENING UP MY SHITTY SCH DAYSSS πŸ˜‰

Late night post!!! Promised baby girl that i will try to post daily so she can have sth to read haha πŸ™‚
Today has been a rather boring day! Like since i woke up its been work work work non stop! Joyful thing was being able to help bb for eom, though i guess it wasnt a good one but ohwell shall do better for her next draft! Spent so much time doing my work i can say its really pushing me to my limits cuz i’ve never been so busy with my own studies before! Tmr’s gonna be tiring too, this cycle of workworkwork daily just sucks! Hahha but ohwell what can i do…
A levels better end soonnnn so i can really spend more time on bb againnn! Really have this feeling that my time for bb is limited now and everything’s just in a rush sigh 😦 soooo hate this feeling i wanna have all the time in the world to just think abt things i can do for bb and stuff like that!!!! Really hope i can still have time to entertain bb and have fun with her during this busy period!!! :/ hopefully i wont be spending too little time with her.
Alright, dk what to think too hahahaha all i know is i want time to be on my side and have lots of time for bb!!!
Hahaha when im alone and have time to think i guess i just think so much abt my life. Rather scary future cuz i dont know what’s gonna be changing next year when im in ns! Quite afraid that i wont have time for bb cuz i know she’ll need all the support i can give!!! Hmmm really gonna contemplate if i have the choice of becoming an officer or not. Afterall, what is honour compared to bb???
Been thinking abt what i have now too. May not be the richest, smartest or most good looking guy on earth, but i certainly have all i would want in bb!!! Hahah i honestly dk why i can still feel so strongly and want bb so much even after we’ve been tgt for so long, i still wont get the feeling of being sick of her or what, and i still get the constant urge to make sure i am doing all i can for her. Hmmm. Perhaps this is what love does, makes me place this girl above everything else and constantly think abt her. Fast forward 10 years, i’ll still picture myself remaining so obsessed with her!!! Hahaha im a fool in love i know.
Guess what i’ve to do for these few months would be to make sure phy and lit stuff are stable, and also make sure i have time for bb too! Busy days ahead, like never before and im so scared i wont handle things well… Hmm but ohwell can just do what i can as days come and go, still hope i’ll be able to provide as much love as bb needs!!!! Its like damn i just wanna have leisurely days with bb again like how it was during the long break after Os! Haha time to sleep now i guess, tiring day ahead again for tmr!!! Goodnight world, all i wish on this late night is to be able to hold on to bb, cuz this is really all that matters to me!



So long since my last post hahaha so shall do up a short one tonight πŸ™‚ days have been real tiring i think im almost on the verge of breaking down! Just feel so tired i have trouble thinking straight. So guilty that sometimes i get moodswings and get easily irritated, and end up making my dear girl feel my wrath :/ its just so hard to control sometimes i dont wanna be irritated but idk why it just happens sigh. Just want a levels to end real soonnnn! Real glad that bb doesnt really blame me when i get irritated from moodswings!!! But oh well that’s still a shitty thing that i do!
Many a time i just feel that im not good enough for bb, somehow i just feel im not doing enough or not being good enough as a bf! Dk whether its the case but gah idk what to think too! How i wish life could just be worry free and i could spend all my time loving this girl!!!! Stupid studies just saps so much time away and causes me to be so tired :/ but okay bb is still the center of my world so i’ll still make time for her! Cuz i know how much it means to have someone supporting u all the way! Jc is tiring.
Up next is a 5 days hol!!! Really hope to catch up with wtv work i have, and spend some quality time with bb too! Recently all our meetups seem to revolve around studies, quite bad ah no time to really just let loose and relax!!! :/ but okay that time will come i guess πŸ™‚ hahaha this post seems so negative idk why too but ohwell!
Guess life will be better after A levels end hahah really excited to plan and execute my plans for bb bday and our 2nd year! Been so busy lately i dont have that much energy to really plan for sth real nice for bb! Just looking forward to so much stuff but studies is in the way now! Be goneeee A levels, i want my life back!!!!
Having said all of that, im still so glad that i’ve got bb thru this journey. Imagine life without her, that would be so boring i bet i wouldnt see what the purpose of life is abt. She gives me sth to look forward to, she makes me feel that i have someone who cares for me, she gives me a chance to love her and just do all i can for her. Just love the feeling of being in love and being in a rs. Ppl may say that relationships are restricting, cuz of all the commitment and stuff, but i kinda love it. Love doing everything and making this girl all thats impt to me cuz when i see her smile its just so heartwarming. Friendships and all may be nice too, but nth beats a rs cuz this is where i can really be myself and not fear judgement. A girlfriend is sorta like a family member whom i can choose i guess, so its like so awesome cuz i have a choice as to who i should love, unlike family where i have no choice but to be nice to whoever my family members are. Not saying my family is that bad but i just dont feel that deep connection here. Well im just glad bb entered my life πŸ™‚
Pretty much all thats been on my mind i guess, life’s just so tough i feel like giving up and all thats keeping me going now is really bb.