firstly, before i type anything, i wanna just make it reallyyyy clear that i TOTALLY trust u, i trust that u wont fall for him or wtv, i trust that u wont do anything wrong at all. all i wanted was to protect u darling.

the moment u asked me whether u can wish him happy bday, my blood ran cold, literally. the first thing that popped into my mind: he’s gonna start thinking he can flirt with you again, and he’ll try to gain ur sympathy so he can talk to u and eventually flirt with u again. so i rejected that idea. all i wanted was to protect u from him, i cant stand the thought of this disgusting guy flirting with u and disrespecting u totally. as i’ve said before, i dont like it at all that flirts think they can talk to u and flirt with u, cuz i hate it when these disgusting freaks think that u are the type of girl that can be flirted with. i know u arent at all, and u wont ever think of this cuz u are just nice, too nice to everyone, including ppl who dont give u respect. so yea. all i wanted to do, was to protect u i swear. nth else at all. its not that i dont trust u, i REALLY trust u completely. i seriously hate it that flirts can actually be given a chance to even think that they can even flirt with u. the way they work is like this: they flirt with this girl they just knew. flirting for god knows how long till they get bored. but in ur case, i put a stop to this and didnt let him flirt with u. so theres this period of ignoring. he’ll be wondering what happened, of course he wouldnt think that u dao him cuz he’s a flirt. flirts never think that they are flirts, they just see girls as objects they can flirt with to have fun. so yea. he would be thinking, whats wrong? so he would have this sudden shock, and start to try to regain ur trust and sympathy, so he can continue flirting with u. its easy to act ke lian and get ur sympathy…… his reply “nobody is celebrating with me ):” was obviously an attempt to gain ur sympathy and get u to talk to him abt this, cuz he knows u’re a nice girl and u would show concern that he has nobody to celebrate with.(he’s a flirt so i have zero sympathy for him, the most likely reason nobody celebrates with him is cuz girls would see him as a flirt and so would not treasure the friendship with him, and guys would see him as a flirt who spends so much time with girls and ignores the guys. trust me, the reason he has no close friend is cuz he is a flirt, cuz flirts never view ppl as real and important, all they give ppl is a moment’s attention when they think its fun to flirt with this person. dont needa sympathize cuz who asked him to wanna be a flirt?) then he would talk to u abt this, and he can gain ur trust again and continue flirting without u even knowing. thats why i didnt allow u to continue the second or third message. u’re far too nice, i know this and i know that u wont really see as much as i see cuz yea, it may not have happened or it may not be that clear…. the message i want to send to him is: back off, this girl isnt someone u can flirt with, she doesnt want to be flirted with. i know u would feel that im overthinking and being overprotective, but really, this IS what goes on in the mind of a guy…. the reason i want u to totally cut off contact with him is just purely cuz i know how a guy would think and how he would try to make u sympathise with him and get to flirt with u again, thats why i do what i do. all i want to is to protect u dear…. i know and understand totally that u’re just trying to be nice, wanting to wish a friend happy bday, but really really really, i cant emphasize on how much that he would see it as another way round, he would see it as a signal that he can talk to u and flirt with u again. and yea, i totally trust u dear, i swear…

sorry for being insecure, overprotective and an overthinker, really hope that u can understand that what i can see is from a guy’s point of view, and all i want is to protect u from this flirtish guy. no worries, i wont be making u cry tmr, all i want is for u to stay safe.

what’s done has been done, i understand totally that all u wanted was to be nice and wish a friend happy bday. sorry if u felt that i dont trust u, its totally not that, its just that i want to protect u dear. alright, hope u dao him totally from now onwards, cuz i foresee that he will try to gain ur sympathy and use his spamming harrassing methods on u again, if he thinks that u’re nice to flirt with. so yeaaaa, just dao bah 🙂 stay safe dear 🙂


P.S. im not emo or what, im just worried thats alllllllllll :/ all in all, just ignore him no matter what and things will be fine 🙂 trust me cuz i’ve NEVER ever did or thought of doing anything to harm u at all dear.


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