lovepost <3


shall do up a post now dedicated to my one and only baby girl cuz i feel sooo loved now ❤

just wanna say that i really feel super duper blessed to be able to have bb as my gf cuz really, no matter how many times i say this, i will still keep saying it, she’s always the best and most lovable girl i have ever met ❤ though she may not be perfect in other ppl’s eyes, she is perfect to me cuz she makes me smile all the time with her presence only, and the little things that she does, plus her innocence just make her the most perfect gf i could ever WISH for. seriously i dont regret anything at all, and i am just super contented that i am blessed with such a gf ❤ really think that all the shitty times we’ve been thru is all worthwhile, cuz all of those times also make up our rs and just bond us tgt more after each ordeal 🙂 just loveeee bb soooo muchhh omgggg never ever wanna let her go ❤ true love always finds a way, and this is so true cuz our love always finds a way into each others’ heart and make both of us feel happy and loved ❤ its just like having bb in my life makes my life so much happier and so much more bearable!!! ❤ all the little things we do, the small talks we have, the little bickering, the food we always rush to get before going home, the short but sweets mrt trips, the times spent doing work or just talking, the occasional meetings in between our lessons and all the small texts thru my days just make me feel loved and blessed, though it may not be anything much, but i feel loved beyond words ardy really ❤ hahah mygosh i just wish i can spend the rest of my life giving all my love and time to this awesome girl, never ever will allow any other girl to take her place or even TRY to take her place cuz bb always has a place in my heart which makes her irreplaceable no matter who tries to do so. I LOVE YOU BB FOR JUST BEING YOU, FOR JUST MAKING ME FEEL THAT THERE IS ACTUALLY A PURPOSE IN LIVING, STH TO LOOK FORWARD TO DAILY WHEN LIFE IS JUST TOUGH AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE GIVING IT ALL UP. LOVE YOU BB, REALLY LOVE YOU LOADS ❤



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