17th month


okay i know i am beautiful so i shall “be me”.

firstly, HAPPY 17TH MONTHHHH BB πŸ˜€ hahaha really happy and glad that we’ve come so far, and i want us to last forever. all the long message is on the letter ardy so shall not talk so much here πŸ˜€ hmmm today is a sad and happy day! sad cuz of jerome thingy and happy cuz its our 17th month and we had our date πŸ™‚ shall not let the jerome matter spoil our day anymore, just want bb to rmb ALWAYS that there is danger in jerome so she shd dao him no matter what shit he does! okay. hahah then i was like thinking on the way home, hmmm i realised i’ve changed alottt liek since we got tgt! i was the mean jiajie but now im like totally nice! so hmmmm i think for some reason right, i take things to the extreme when it comes to how i treat bb! hmmm! hahahah okay so i guess now i know super clearly that i cant be totally mean or totally nice to bb, her perfect guy is a guy who can be both, at the right time. so i shall really try to balance i think! but need time to adapt back cuz i’ve been totally nice for 17 months ardy leh! bb gimme time kkk hahah i will try to be mean again! πŸ™‚ hahha quite stupid but okay nvm i shall try πŸ™‚ hahaha and didnt get to catch ironman just now 😦 hahaha but alright nvm the show was not bad too hahah it was a comedy! would have preferred ironman though! >< hahahah then during the movie at first we were like abit awk cuz of the jerome thingy, then we talked talked talked awhile then after that was like cuddle time lor hahaha! intimacy is sth that couples must have, or it will be like strangers! quite like to hug bb cuz i feel that hugs are love without words!!! so its nice to give hugs and get hugged. ahhhah also kissed bb alot ah! like damn funny hahha my NO CURE today HAHAHA. bb is just damn cute lah i swearrrr hahhaha forever the cute girl that i fell in love withhh ❀ hahaha and dk why bb kept saying i french kissed her when i nvrrrr! okay nvm hahaha! so today end up is a happy day i think, though its like a reflection day also! hahaha okay thats all, HAPPY 17TH MONTH BB HAHAHAHA UMMM 7 MONTHS TO 2 YEARS AND 2 MONTHS+ TO MY 18TH BDAYYY πŸ˜‰ hahahaha LOVE YOU BB LOADS LOADSSSSSS ❀



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