yea hahaha bb u can get a waist hug from me anytime u want πŸ™‚ okay shall blog today since bb asked me to blog hahah! but okay only can blog abt the things i rmb hahaha brain not really working that well!

school life has been realllll busy for the past few weeks hahaha and me and bb are both like totally worn out! but okay lah i know we shall hang in there and just tahan this, june hols are coming in 6 weeks which is actually quite fast if u ask me hahah! okay just jiayou to us for everyday hahah cuz its just so tiring daily its the same cycle of homework then sleep late hahah! ohwell, jc life! okay i can only rmb events from ytd and today haha! bb got a group of 4 girls for her pw group and the girls are all muggers! πŸ˜‰ pretty happy for her cuz i want her to get that A, and cuz no guys HEHEHE πŸ˜› and lucky bb nvr kenna weile or who knows what will happen to her pw! pei-ed bb to go back to cch to visit co and to get her sgc! like omg hahaha so long nvr go back ardy! so we walked in that nostalgic path haha and then it was so awk see so many ppl that bb know hahah! waited for bb while she went to co and i did my work! then bb asked me to go lake to take pic. i thought it was just pangsai and serene sia but end up jolene was there! so of course it was awk hahah like interview like that! okay must be mentally prepared next time HAHAHA. then went to klp to do pi! sorry dear pi made u cannot spend the time with ur friends! >< hahah so we finished and went home after a dinner at NYNY! okay bb was super tired but ended up doing pi all the way till damn late and im real sorry i made bb angst >< gah hahaha so we slept damn lateee then today was napfa day! hahaha poor bb was so tired i could sense her tiredness in the morning text haha! so we went for napfa and bb got gold woohoo congrats bb proud of u πŸ˜‰ i got silver but okay nvm as long as dont need go ns early can liao heh πŸ˜‰ vday woohoo πŸ˜€ then i made bb wait for me for abt 20min. gahhh damn dumbbbb okay nvm shall not say so muchhhh just guilty for making her wait though she was tired and her back was sore 😦 so after that went back home to bathe! then left house early to buy bb’s food but end up she ate at home so i ended up eating it instead haha! then co was boring as usual like gah always prac the same thing but gosh i sure am gonna miss co cuz i will miss seeing bb in co for sureeeee >< sigh. oh and i guess bb shdnt run for exco hahah cuz it’ll be far too tiring and pressurising! hahah u’ll still have fun as a normal member one really bb πŸ™‚ hahaha so after that went home with bb and thats like the end hahaah bb spent her time doing her work and stuff! like okay damn sian lor now jc life is just go home sure do workkk 😦 but okay quite blessed that i have bb to pei me thru this journey which is gonna end real soon for me hahah! jiayou to us to pull thru the tiring days aheadddd ><

okay and this shall be a ranting paragraph! i really bth and hate that JERKrome. who does he think he is, using my girl as a way to kill his boredom and dare to flirt with my girl somemore. super asshole seriously! i bet he does this to many other girls as though girls are cheap objects that can be used to flirt with! like grrrrr can he just die! totally no respect for girls one lah really! though okay i know bb is just too nice so she cant like really dao him but okay dear i hope u REALLY dao him TOTALLY no matter what he does! he is seriously a bad guy lah flirt with someone who is attached and dare to admit he’s using u as an object to kill his boredom somemore! though he may be funny, he may have tried to be nice by asking u what happened when u were pissed abt candy (if i rmb correctly that time u show me his whatsapp convo he kept asking u what happened and stuff), though he may seem like an okay person, trust me, HE’S NOT NICE AT ALL. guys like him are damn common cuz i know of quite a few of such guys too, they pretend to be nice sometimes just to make girls’ heart soften so they can flirt. urghhhh. learn to be mean to ppl like these, cuz if u think, he is just using u and giving u zero respect, so why let urself become his “toy” to play with when he’s bored and ignore when he has other girls to flirt with? really, not worth ur time at all so just dao everything, every text or wtv JUST DAOOOOO. cuz if u dont insist and just dao him, he will take advantage of u as his “toy” further and seriously this is just disgusting lah, the way he is treating u. u dont deserve to be treated like that dear. he’s treating u like trash seriously, no friend will ever use a friend to kill time or to flirt with one lah really! i know u cant see what im saying and maybe u think its rubbish but trust me, i am 100% sure of what im saying, u’re really v innocent and u cant see it so i really dw u to be disrespected. even if he comes and apologizes and says what he’s sorry he flirted, i bet that will just be his lie lah, his way of getting u to talk to him again so he can flirt with u. just disgusting. DAO PLSSSS! that guy is seriously an asshole that i hate.

okay done with ranting. on another note, our 17th month is coming real soon πŸ™‚ like okay really hope 17th month can go watch ironman3 hehehe but okay lah as long as can spend time tgt with bb for 17th month then im happy ardy πŸ™‚ may our rs last longlonglonggggg ❀


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