shall blog abt today!!!! πŸ˜€ so we had our cv1 gathering (finally) HAHAHA and today’s one can be counted as a cv2 gathering lah πŸ˜‰ really damn fun cuz we surprised kc with wanru HAHAHA. and it was really so funny to see kc reaction!!! omg like PRICELESS! then he was so damn quiet and not himself for the whole time lah HAHAHA he so shyyy! but really i think wanru and kc make a good couple hahaha! and kc can be faithful! but okay hope kc wont miss the chance to confess and grab wanru’s heart lor cuz he scared of ns time! hmmm ahahah all the best to them!!! oh and bb was as cute as usual being her usual cute yushui self hahahaha damnnnn charming i swear πŸ˜‰ but okay really glad cv1 met up today plus wanru and hope we can make her join and be cv2 hahahaha πŸ˜‰ quite love the time spent tgt with cv1 today ahahaha all the fond memories of today are in my brain πŸ˜‰ then after that was like dessert then go home time! omg so long nvr send bb home ardy! talked and had quality time on the way home! hmm okay a little worried abt next time jian jia zhang actually cuz i think there MAY be some probs with her side! but okay things will work themselves out if we are meant to be tgt i guess so no point thinking so much now πŸ™‚ shall just continue giving bb my 101% and just leave no regrets no matter what things will be like a few years later πŸ™‚ oh then after that was the stupid drama caused by bitch-dy! new nickname for her! freak man why must she ruin all our lives with her presence. seriously, never can imagine how someone can be as bitchy as her lah. why must she take away other ppl’s happiness just cuz she herself cant have it? really lah. no matter how despo she is for attention and love, she shdnt ruin and take away what others have what right. cant she just go and find other friends or what? personally i dont have loads of friends too, okay at least i dont have loads of close friends, i guess my only close friends are cv1 and closest person is bb, but i have never ever been like that right! what excuses, she is scared to make new friends, bullshit man! does that give her the excuse to make her own “best” friend unhappy 90% of the time they are tgt? no right! why must she be like that?!?!?! seriously just get the F out of our lives lah, stop being a nuisance! if this sat bitch-dy tries to talk to me i will be merciless i swear, she will cease to exist and i’ll just ignore wtv crap she tries to say. if drama comes i will give her a piece of my mind. damn i cant wait to see how she cries when i list all of her bitchy flaws and just scold her to my heart’s content. okay enough of the bitch. after that watched css finals! omg damn interesting hahaah its like the 2 finalists were so obviously different in standards and skill levels pls! was commenting all the way with bb hahaha! and in the end the expected winner bonnie won hahaha! she has a damn power voice i swear! omg love singers who have powerhouse voices! jj lin and those other singers who have power voices #respect hahahah! okay so tmr is april fools and sadly i dont even get to see bb. sigh. okay wont play any pranks on bb even if i get to see her lah haha cuz i dont think i can even be mean to bb if i want to also hahhaha! but yea just hope i can see her tmr lah hahahahah #wish okay quite tired now i wanna sleep soon! hope tmr will be an okay day and omg pw results please be good!!!! nights world, quite love today except for the bitch-dy part!!!! hahaha! and love bb too for being so cute always and for being the girl that i love alwayssss ❀


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