double meaning.

shall blog abt 16th month as well as today! 🙂

okay so 16th month was finally a month with a date! had my last block test paper on that day then after that waited for our date 🙂 so we went to sakae for sushi buffet! omg ate quite alot hahaha and was super bloated! hopefully bb liked the pig i got for her and will use it as her buddy to talk to and to pei her bah! 🙂 then we also took a few polaroids and omg retarded my eyes cant take the flash lah wth! okay nvm haha the polaroid is with me so im safe 🙂 so that was roughly our 16th month bah! hahah. then today was buffet + buy presents day with weiyi yenyi alvina kaibing and ah tiew! okay quite stupid cuz i didnt eat much so i wasted my $! then the buy presents time was just retarded cuz we tried all the stupid costumes and stuff and sunglasses haha! i quite pei round round sunglasses cuz my face damn fat! but okay quite a fun day hahha! tmr there’s co again hopefully dxy wont catch us for bar 170 -_- okay and then after that is running time with bb bah shall see how if the weather permits! okay thats all!


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