Why are you so affected by what he said? I dont even think u are mean what, i know u just feel v comfortable with me thats why u only treat me like that! Trust me, i dont think u are mean, not even abit. U make me happy like nobody else can, and u make me feel loved when nobody can give me that love. Thats why i always try to hold on to our rs and try to do all i can for u, cuz u ARE my perfect gf. Stop thinking u are mean, cuz the person who u are “mean” to (which is me) doesnt think u are mean at all, i understand u just do what you do cuz u feel comfortable. No reflection needed dear, just ask ur heart whether the both of us are happy in this rs. If the answer is yes, u shd know that u arent mean at all cuz if u are mean i wouldnt be happy. Get it?


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