14th month :)


Happy 14th month bb!!! 🙂 this post is hereby dedicated to YOU, my beautiful gf 😉

Apologies come first before anything else, so i am sorry for the unhappiness i’ve given to u for the past few months. I really have learnt from those times and i WILL succeed in changing, trust me. 🙂

Alright, so i recall the time when we first got tgt. Times were sweet, love was easy and we were happier than ever before in our lives 🙂 those were the best times i swear. I used to be able to make u happy so easily, and we just shared so many happy experiences tgt…
Then came the sad times. It was like: everything came at once when we started knowing more abt each other. I got too protective, i became too sweet, i got too jealous. And all this came crashing down on u when all the emotions in me got unleashed. Damn, i do regret all of that. Those unhappy experiences forced us to become less close, though we survived it all, negativity developed…
I set my mind to change, and to give u happiness like how i could, but yea it really was tough, and every failed attempt to change or failed attempt to do sth for u caused me to become more bitter. The crappy and retarded jiajie was replaced with a worrywart, an irritating person and someone hard to communicate with. The person i became made ur urge to talk to me disappear, and made the dates unenjoyable.
But trust me, i have seen the change in myself recently and i really do think if i continue being like that, it’ll only cause us to go kaboom one day. So i analysed the situation. Unhappiness stemmed from me forcing u to tell me abt ur feelings at first, then it came from me getting jealous and feeling uncomfortable, plus the times of overprotectiveness.
For these root causes, we have come up with solutions before, and i know i will do my best to fulfill the solutions, just like how u’ve agreed to my term of meeting him only once per year. Emotions to be kept in check, understanding u to be my priority as much as possible.

I have given it much thought, and i know i must be the person i was before, only then will everything fall back into place and only then can i give u happiness. Not that i will not be learning from my mistakes, but i will be learning from all the mistakes i’ve made, and also be changing myself to become the jiajie i once was. Give me time, i will do it for your sake.

Actions speak louder than words. I know this v clearly and so i will do all i can to prove it all to u. I am really v happy that today ended so happily, cuz today has given me hope and motivation, that happiness will be ours if we dont stop trying. We have succeeded in finding our happiness tgt today, and we WILL do it many more times again in future and be the happy couple we were 🙂 i love you forever bb, forever and always.

Let’s throw everything aside and love like never before.


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