Late night post.

Hmmm i guess this shall be a ranting post.

Sudden realization that things have actually changed so much since the start of our rs.

At the start, we couldnt wait to go on our monthly dates, we always craved to talk to each other more and spend more time tgt. But now our dates arent really that much to look forward to anymore and talking less has become sorta like sth we’ve gotten used to.

Though i also have to say at the start, we didnt trust each other as much and didnt understand each other well enough and we didnt know how to quite handle our rs. Now we understand each other and how our rs works, and though probs do come, we roughly know how we shd treat the probs and overcome obstacles tgt.

I do understand that the principle that “u gain some, u lose some” applies here, cuz we’ve lost that sense of anticipation but we’ve gained lots of valuable experiences and lots of love too. I like it very much that we are so comfortable in our rs now, and that we can actually see our future(sort of), and i know that our love for each other is true from how we’ve managed to make each other be happiest or saddest, and from how much we actually value each other. I like it that we’ve grown so much tgt and our rs is actually v stable (compared to other ppl’s) cuz many couples around us have only gotten tgt either cuz of how they are attracted to each others’ appearance or just in a moment of excitement. Those couples have always not been able to survive tgt once an obstacle comes their way. I know what we have here is true, and it wont crumble so easily cuz we really love and our rs is really dependent on the love we have for each other, and it has been growing non stop cuz this love is true. We’ve really gone thru ALOTTT tgt and every setback has proven to us that we are actually serious abt our rs.

But yea i do miss the times when we still were so excited abt our dates and stuff like that lor. Okay i know that things have changed to become like now cuz after being tgt for so long, its unavoidable that the daily routine and monthly movie-lunch dates become ummm boring. Its not that we dont love each other as much, but its just that we understand each other so well till the point that we can actually know what is to happen so the sense of anticipation is gone. Cant blame anything or anyone cuz i guess that this is normal for every rs, the rs gets stronger but the sense of excitement at the start is gone. Okay not totally gone but yea its not as strong as before.

Maybe its also cuz of the fact that u’ve seen my worst side in our rs, but okay i hope that it isnt sth u are vvv bothered abt, cuz i’ve ardy explained why my bad side comes about and u know its all cuz i either care too much or love too much. Its normal for every couple to see that the other half is flawed and see the worst side of the other half, this is actually a symbol of how strong our rs is cuz u wouldnt be able to see my worst side if i didnt trust and love u enough to show it to u. U wouldnt be able to see the bad side of any of ur normal or good friends cuz the interaction with them is so much less than the interaction with me so friends always appear to be totally nice (except for some friends). But yea i guess this is sth that we shd know lor cuz seeing each other’s bad side only means that we are THAT close, closer than a friend at least, cuz sth to back this fact up will be the fact that we always see the bad sides of our family members but we never do see the bad sides of our friends. When u know someone so well and u are so close to a person, then u will be able to see his/her bad sides, and this is sth we only normally see in family members or RARELY in friends. But alright, for the sake of love, i will change.

Okay but all in all, i guess i just secretly hope that though that sense of anticipation may be gone cuz of the above 2 reasons, we can still see that its only cuz our rs has grown so strong, and that we will continue cherishing each other and not mistake this loss of anticipation to be cuz we dont love each other as much or what lor. It really is cuz we have come so far and we love each other so much more than before.

Cherishing our rs forever. Always gonna find ways to regain that feeling of anticipation for both of us, never gonna give up.


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