why do u think this way? why cant u see what im doing? its not that i dont understand u, in fact, i really understand how u feel. for Os results as well as for the candy matter. i understand that for Os results, u feel inferior cuz everyone is like getting below 13 and u cant beat them then when comparing u feel that u are lousier than them. u feel that u put in effort for ur Os, and u thought it would turn out good, but in the end u got disappointed. u feel unworthy, u feel that u are just the lousiest among all ur friends and u have nth to be happy about. as for the candy matter, u feel that it really is unfair and it really is very upsetting that she is actually gonna come into the same sch and same cca as u again. u hate her to the core, because of who she is, the things she does and the way she treats ppl and acts like she is the biggest. u dont like to see her or hear her whine and be a stupid little bitch. so u were very happy when u finally thought u would be free of her when u graduated. but when u knew that she MAYBE would be coming into ny, u felt that shit was gonna come again, drama everyday in sch, drama in co, the shitty feeling comes, u wont enjoy co anymore and things would be as bad as when in cchms. u felt that co was gonna be a pain for u cuz u have to see her and tahan all her bullshit, and she would be sapping ppl away with her shitty attitude. u felt that it would just be a pain that u have to see her daily in sch and u have to face the awkwardness and unhappiness when she appeared. u just felt that no matter what u did, u couldnt get rid of her. u felt very sad because u maybe have to face the same shit again for 2 years. u wanted a brand new start after grad from cchms, but no, this wasnt gonna happen, so u just felt that the world is unfair and why does the person u hate so much have to come to torture u again. am i right? is this how u feel abt the two events?

all i want to do is to try to make u feel better for both things that have happened. its not that i dont understand how u feel, but i really want to come up with practical solutions to try to help u, that’s why i cant just keep agreeing with u. for the Os, i wanted u to feel better, really cuz i thought that it really wasnt due to u being lousy, it was in fact due to the fact that u were careless and it was a slipup. i wanted u to understand that it really doesnt determine how good or bad u are just thru Os, cuz Os really isnt everything in life. it is just a piece of paper for u to enter into jc, and u ardy got into jc, so i really wanted u to put that behind u, cuz u have the potential and ability, and u can really show it when u work hard and do well for the As. i really wanted u to understand this, thats why i kept telling u all of this. i really know how u feel but i think this is my solution for u. if u want to rant abt the Os results, i can gladly let u rant, but i am offering this idea to u cuz i want to show u that i can also give u solutions to make u feel better too. as for the candy matter, i kept asking why, and i kept saying it really is okay cuz u have friends in ny too, and u shdnt let her affect u, cuz i really wanted u to see that it really isnt worth it to let one girl affect ur whole future. u hate her, so she shouldnt be the one determining where u are supposed to go. why do u have to move away when she is coming to ny? she is the one who shd be moving away, not u. candy is undeniably the most irritating and obnoxious bitch i have met in my 17+ years of life, and i totally agree with u abt the hate for her. but, i also want u to understand that if u let her affect u so much until u have to change schools cuz of her, then u are letting her win over u in this battle. u are letting her get her way and u are making compromises and making urself suffer FOR HER SAKE. that is why i dont want u to change schools. there is no need to change also cuz everything is ardy great in ny. of course, it isnt confirmed yet that she is coming into ny, so u really dont have to feel this way one. even if she is, u shd not have to change sch cuz of her. just make her invisible in ur world, ignore her, cut off all contact with her. just treat it that she is not there when u see her, just treat her like she is a piece of shit in ur way. as u said, i shd not act like i am guilty when it comes to yimei or candy, so i am telling u the same too. u dont have to act like u owe them anything, u dont have to make compromises for them. just ignore candy. by changing schools, u will be letting candy win, u know that? u dont even have to talk to her or tahan her shit, u can simply walk away, distract urself by playing with ur phone, talking to ur friends, playing ur instrument, etc. when she whines, just walk away from her and let her carry on being a bitch. u dont have to even listen to her, just dont pay any attention at all to her. really, it is OUR sch, we dont have to give it up for a bitch. i will be with u for the first year, and in the second year u can rant to me anytime u want, i promise i will be all ears for u. we can really go thru this shit tgt, its only ONE girl. surely we are better than this? we dont have to run away from her right? just treat her like she isnt there and poof our problems are gone. let her whine all she wants, if we want, we can just talk or listen to music with earphones. ignore her. we can win this what.

i really dont get why u think that i dont understand u. i really am just trying to give u solutions, if u want to rant and dw me to say anything, i will do that too.


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