Sigh. After what happened ytd i really dk what to do anymore. I dont even enjoy limiting and restricting u at all, but really, i am always worried. What if sth happens to u? I wont ever be able to forgive myself. I’ve thought – time and again – of just letting go and letting u do what u think is safe…. But, what if, just what if, sth goes wrong? I really am afraid sth will happen cuz this kind of things ah once it happens there’s nth at all that we can do to undo it… So yea i really am afraid thats why i always wanna stop u from doing certain things u wanna do… Ur job, u know i restrict u ONLY because im afraid that it isnt safe. The ppl there and the late working hours just make me feel like its a timebomb ticking away and sth might happen to u anytime thats why i just cant bring myself to just let go and let u go for it…. The prev time i rmb was the prom dress thingy. I restricted u cuz i really didnt even know what the dress looked like and i was really afraid that it was too revealing thats why u didnt dare to show me… I really was worried that u were exposing urself u know, thats why i restricted u that time… I dont quite rmb other times i restricted u cuz i was worried, but yea these 2 times i really were genuinely just worried abt u, there wasnt any other reason why i wanted to restrict u…. I really dont want u to get hurt or harmed in any way thats why i said what i said and did what i did…. Can someone please tell me how to protect u but also allow u to do what u want and be happy at the same time? :/ i know u hate me and dont like to talk to me cuz i keep restricting u, but yea i really hope u understand that i am relly worried abt u and i just am afraid that sth will happen if i just let u do it lor…. I want a solution that will make u happy and make me not worried abt u….


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