To add on to my prev post, i just wanna say that all the times we’ve argued were all cuz either i was worried and made u upset, or cuz i forced u to tell me how u feel, or cuz of wj. Nth else has made us argue before.

U know those arguments that came from me being worried were all cuz idk how to protect u but let u be happy also…

Those times when i forced u to tell me how u feel were cuz i didnt understand u at that time and i just felt that if i didnt make u tell me, i wont be able to solve the prob and u would be carrying the burden and sadness urself so i wanted u to tell me so i could share ur burden…. But now i know u much better and i know u find it hard to tell me, so i really have stopped forcing u to tell me alot ardy… I really just wanted to solve probs thats why i forced u last time, i really didnt wanna make u feel suffocated one….

As for the times we’ve quarrelled over wj, i know its all my fault. I admit that this is me being selfish. I really try hard to not be selfish by the rules that we’ve talked abt and stuff lor cuz yea if i wanna be fully selfish i could have just forced u to cut off contact with him like many many many of my guy friends do to their gf lor… I try hard not to be selfish but i really just dont trust him and i dont like it that a guy is trying to get close to u and im not doing anything abt it lor…. I really just feel uncomfortable with his presence thats why i always react that way…. U know the insecurities and discomfort that i feel when he comes into the picture… Thats why i have always said im okay with u talking to him and going out with him, but NOT TOO MUCH… Once per year meetup is really okay, and i guess u’re okay with it too. As for the talking to him part, i really dont mind it that much one lor just that yea i find it uncomfortable if he keeps trying to get close to u and talk to u so much lor…. I believe its normal lah every bf who cares abt his rs also will feel that way one mah right…. So this one i really know its my fault but yea i really think its normal to feel this way thats why i wanted to impose the once per year thing. The talking to him part i also nvr set any rules i just told u to not talk to him that much…. I Know u treat him like an older bro only and u wont like him back but yea i really dont trust him lor i think he really isnt that nice and he’s trying to get close to u lor so i really wanna stop him from trying to hit on my gf….

So yea, now i’ve really said all the reasons why we’ve argued before cuz of these 3 reasons, and i really hope u see that i really dont wanna be like that but….. Ya i am trying to change…. Hopefully u can see that these things that we’ve been arguing abt all are because of certain reasons lor and also that other than these, we’ve always been happy tgt…. I really really really hope that we can be happy tgt again and u wont feel like u wanna be single after u understand how all our unhappy times came abt… I really wanna stop the unhappiness, trust me…. I sincerely want us to be able to find solutions to all 3 probs so we can be happy again lor cuz yea, these 3 reasons are the only reasons that make all the unhappy times come…


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