Merry xmas!!!! 🙂 alright i have an xmas wish which i shall not put here, cuz only bb and me shall know abt it, and i will certainly keep it engraved in my brain amd make that wish come true!!! Trust me, bb!!! 🙂
So the past few days werent the best days ever, all cuz of sth called emotions. Sometimes i really really wish emotions wouldnt take control of me, and make me do stupid things that i’ll only regret after that!!! Sigh. All that has happened has yet again remimded me of the need to change quickly…..


Yep, bb im sorry im not perfect, but i REALLY will strive to be and i hope i can be, cuz yup i know it is hard for u too, to have to tolerate my nonsense and bullshit all the time! Trust me, i feel really bad and guilty!!! 😦


And yea, i just want u to be happy, and i really hope i can make u happy cuz it has been and will always be one of the 4 goals that i have told u abt at the beginning! To make u feel loved, happy, safe and healthy! Never have i forgotten abt my goals and never will i stop working towards these goals!!!


So yep, dont really wanna talk much abt unhappy stuff so im keeping it all brief, cuz its xmas!!! Merry xmas bb, though we cant spend it tgt, i still hope that u will feel loved, and that u will be happy!!! 🙂 ur xmas message shall only be 3 magic words which actually encompass all of the things that i hope to give to u, and are the driving forces behind my neverending need to change myself for the better. Bb, i love you.


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