Crazy day. Sort of.


Slept so much today omggg i slept 11h hahaha but okay idk why im so tired these few days sigh am i getting oldddd??? :/


But okay today was DAMNNNNN freaking hell hot i swear! Sweat until ah…… Hahaha okay hope tmr will be a rainy day or i will die of heatstroke ah!!!!!!
Anw today was rather shitty, lousy weather and have to do chem omg. Super sian and hard to concentrate but ohwell! And i really think i am some freak who is staying at home for so many days omg super looking forward to tue’s date with bb!!!! Hahah and its so fast that hols are gonna end soon sigh 😦 hell year is coming and its really gonna be the worst year of my life i think! J2 year have mercy on me plssss!
Almost had a conflict with bb just now over the phoneee omgosh i swear i was damn scared i will explode just now and say wrong things that would hurt her! But okay we managed to talk it out in the end haha and i guess everything is fine now? Sigh sometimes during times like these i just feel that imma really lousy bf lor why cant i control my jealousy arghhhhhh. Really thankful that bb is understanding enough!!!! But okay i still hope such things dont happen againnnn if i lose control over the phone i think it’ll be super scary! Really sorry okay bb that im so easily jealousss but arghhhh its really cuz i care! :/ sigh but okay the below pic pretty much sums up what i think!


Ohwell, hope we will still be able to resolve all possible future conflicts just by talking them out in future, i really think we can handle whatever comes our way as long as we dont give up and go thru it tgt!!!


Bear in mind that i love you forever.


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